everyone’s going to sleep and kaito won’t stop making hotdogs. honey please we have so many fucking hotdogs

can we please have endless updates on the vocaloid sims world

well for starters it’s 10pm and len is playing in gumi’s garden sprinkler because idk thats what pissy shitty kids do

also i had to delete the computers from the kids’ rooms because rin would constantly switch between one computer to the other and make inappropriate forum posts in an endless loop. thanks kid

here is a photo of kaito making dinner because he is nice and hes the fucking house wife

i made vocaloid sims and gumi pissed on the kitchen floor, i just wanted you to know

draw midousuji with the curl

forevr nap

Hiroyuki Sawano - Vogel im Käfig
20,847 plays
Hiroyuki Sawano - Vogel im Käfig


and then they awkwardly bone in the club room 


i am in such a bad mood 


Great White Shark | by: { Morne Hardenberg }

self portrait

u know how cats forget to put their tongues back in their mouth sometimes. ya


scary post 4 u blog


scary post 4 u blog

sinking deeper in the sea, that depressing girl is me


IM YELLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!